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Vaero® is specialized in the equipments for both fruit and vegetable processing and beverages, and has been serving these industries since 2006. Our machines include conveyors, infeed hoppers,washers, sorting table, automatic sorting machines, destoners, crushers, extractors, belt presses, preheaters, evaporators, UHT sterilizers, aseptic filling machines, mixing and homogenizing systems, CIP systems, pasteurizing systems, and etc. In one word, we offer different whole plant solutions to different production requirements to ensure that the products will meet your market’s expectations.

Focused on quality, efficiency and professionalism, our design is the result of our fully understanding both the customers’ expectations on the site and the machines’ characteristics. Both the whole production line and each of its come from our unique concepts and professional fabrications. Our expertise is being shared in each of machines runing without stop at your factories. Reliability, durability and value added are our design vision, and the complete set of assembly and installation procedures comes out of our accumulated experience.

We have an international team to serve every corner of our globe in Chinese, English and French. We have offices in USA, Canada, Argentina, France, Italy and South Africa to support customers’ projects closely and effeciently.

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Vaero Co., Ltd

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